matali crasset : Monoplan for PlayWithDesign ≠3

29 janvier 2015

For the Playtime international Trade Show, matali crasset has created an airplane which flies using pure dream energy specifically for the event “PLayWithDesign ≠3”.

“Children have this imaginative quality that adults have often lost. Monoplane invites them to fly and penetrate across the sky in the first rattan-made airplane. This monoplane can carry two or even three passengers and accepts pets of all sizes in its cockpit as well as cuddly toys and all sorts of zoo animals.  It’s the first motor-free airplane, 100% ecological, which works thanks to the power of game-playing and dream energy. Inside you can snack, sleep, play … everything’s allowed. It’s indestructible, it’s intergalactical …”
matali crasset

matali crasset, Monoplane, 2015, Toy in woven rattan core, 40 x 50 x 110 cm, credit photograph : matali crasset

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Maison & Objet 2015 : matali crasset , one piece for Concrete LCDA + Domeau & Pérès

23 janvier 2015

One piece is a monolithic structure that brings together the knowhow of two organizations: Concrete LCDA for the concrete design, and tapestry / leather craftsmen Domeau & Pérès for the leather work.

This unique groundbreaking work defies description with standard terminology.
It seems to call for new words, with new meaning, for a new era. On the one hand we have a solid one-piece design made
of familiar material; on the other hand we also have an appearance of lightness and fluidity suggested by the facets.

This counter seeks to break away from the codes of rigidness.
It is not a barrier between the people seated on each side. In fact, it brings the two people together; it creates a bond.

This piece is made of a 20”-thick single piece of fiber-reinforced concrete. It is cast all at once, seamlessly. The technical difficulty of this creation is that it requires “360° molding”, with a counter mold to hold the concrete up. With 300kg of concrete and 18 hours of casting, this is a daunting technical challenge. The inside of the structure is finished with genuine leather, fitted invisibly.

matali crasset, Onepiece, 2015, Monobloc piece, high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete, full grain leather, 100 x 235 x 130 cm, Concrete LCDA + Domeau & Pérès, credit photograph : Jean-Jacques Bernier, art direction : matali crasset

Maison & Objet 2015 : Multifacet, matali crasset for Concrete LCDA

23 janvier 2015

A new collection of concrete objects and furniture designed by matali crasset, consisting in a series of: a series of four facetted objects.

matali crasset, Multifacet ≠03: single-flower vase High-performance fiber-reinforced concrete, brushed brass, 40 x 39 x 27 cm, Concrete LCDA, credit photograph : Jean-Jacques Bernier, art direction : matali crasset

Multifacet is a series of concrete mini areas with multiple possibilities: an area of light and reflections; a spot to display and magnify objects, a tasting area, a spot to nurture plants, and a champagne bucket.

Here, a masterful mix and staging of contrasting materials (concrete and metal) meet a need for durable beauty. We are surrounded by structures which amplify
the rites of everyday life and subtly symbolize our experience.

matali crasset, Multifacet ≠02: candle holder High-performance fiber-reinforced concrete, mirror-polished pewter, 40 x 39 x 27 cm, Concrete LCDA, credit photograph : Jean-Jacques Bernier, art direction : matali crasset

Each mini area is facetted, to be broken down on each side, to better show off the object on display: a flower, a candle or a bottle.
Each structure is designed and produced with a material that fits its function. Matte finished concrete offsets brass which gives off a feeling of gentle heat and expressiveness.

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Maison & Objet 2015 : matali crasset for Concrete LCDA

4 janvier 2015

January 23/27, 2015

Hall 8,  booth D 39

Happy new year, happy new world 2015

1 janvier 2015

Royal College of Art – London : matali crasset

27 novembre 2014

december 3, 2014 at 6.30 pm

Basket Case workshop II – Bulawayo, Zimbabwe : matali crasset, the gourd’s family

7 novembre 2014

matali crasset, the gourd’s family, vase, weaved inqwanga & ilala, Bulawayo Home Industries, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, credit photograph : matali crasset

matali crasset’s design workshop took place at Bulawayo Home Industries. The French industrial designer has been inspired by the gourde basket, an iconic shape recurrent in Bulawayo weaving style. The workshop consisted in using the gourd as a foundation basis and explore the multiple forms and objects that could derive from it. In other words, using the weavers’ skills and knowledge, she sought to develop a range that would transform these craft objects into pieces of contemporary design.

Talking about the gourde baskets, crasset appreciated their irregularity, which she saw as a creative twist reflecting the weavers’ ability to extend or reduce their form in a flexible manner. “They are almost like sculptures” she says in an interview filmed by Eric Gauss.

Alongside the weavers, crasset has developed several objects that almost seem like natural evolutions of the gourde basket. Adding a corolla, she enhanced the appeal
of a piece but also saw its potential functionality by placing a mirror in its centre.
Most objects translate the idea of organic morphing in a sort of continuity and blending as opposed to forced additions. The resulting visual language remains close to nature. A number of objects use small gourds combined with an existing one in order to form
a unique piece. The designer and weavers have also extended the gourd shape and made it evolve into a bag. Three forms have been experimented leading to two different hard and asymmetrical bags made up of ilala, and a soft bag made of sisal.

Other formal developments include a vase and Matopos sculptural shapes that are both decorative and functional, such as a bowl. It was also important that the weavers applied their personal touch to this common weaving language. Each woman has adopted a colored piece of wool that was integrated in the finished product.

Christine Eyene

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RDV_design6 – Montréal : matali crasset

6 novembre 2014

matali crasset est invitée dans le cadre de la 6ème édition de RDV_design à Montréal à développer une conférence et exposer sa réflexion autour d’une pratique du design transversale.

conférence le mercedi 12 novembre 2014 à 10h00

crédit photographique : Adrien Toubiana & matali crasset, courtesy Alessi

Forum Meyrin – Suisse : matali crasset – interactions végétales

7 octobre 2014

23 septembre – 7 novembre 2014

En parallèle de l’installation “Le blobterre de matali”, pensé pour le centre Pompidou, le Forum Meyrin accueille un autre proposition de matali crasset.

matali crasset, interactions végétales, installation, Forum Meyrin, all credit photograph : Laurent Barlier

Cette exposition à Meyrin de matali crasset s’articule donc autour de deux propositions  dont le végétal est la trame.

Interactions végétales formule des hypothèses de vie autour du jardin. Le jardin est un cadre privilégié, cadre spatial et réel à l’intérieur duquel le bien vivre ensemble peut s’installer, s’expérimenter, se vivre sur la durée.

L’espace est occupé par un archétype de maison : une  maison fabriquée, icône de l’espace domestique, la penderie réalisée pour Ikea est utilisée comme trame métallique et industrielle. Elle forme une double peau, qui laisse passer le regard, devient tuteur de végétal imprimé et porte tout ce qui est nécessaire à la monstration : écrans, pages du journal, éclairages..

A l’intérieur de cette maison serre, on peut rentrer en intimité avec mes travaux et hypothèses, se poser pour regarder les animations assis sur des poufs.

L’extérieur de la maison devient un support de questionnement sur notre désir de végétal. Des questions, des textes, des schémas placés en vis à vis avec les initiatives de la ville en matière de jardin distribuées tout autour de la maison sur les murs.

J’aime à penser que l’exposition permettra de se poser plus de questions que d’avoir des réponses à l’image de l’évolution du rôle du designer qui interagit avec les évolutions de la société et qui n’est pas seulement u’un “problem solver”.

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Designerbox ≠16 : matali crasset

6 octobre 2014

matali crasset, bad boys,

matali crasset has designed an exclusive wall clock collection fro Designerbox.

Time that is everywhere – in our smartphones, on our screens, in the city … slowly clocks disappear from our life and yet as Gaston Bachelard, the famous philosopher, stated « it is the heart that beats in the house.  »

matali captured this object, going against the digital world – that she knows well – and diverts its daily usages to reaffirm that the time is also a way « to know ourselves better, to assert our personality, and gradually find our uniqueness. »

matali crasset, bad boy at Le Verre Volé – Paris,  designerbox

For designerbox, matali also plays with the spirit of collection! 5 different models were delivered randomly to designerbox’s subscribers. Bad Boy arto, Bad Boy with romantic eyebrowns, Bad Boy with a black eye, Bad Boy with a 3 days stubble, Bad Boy dandy… And as every month, they form a unique collection, thus produced for this month exclusively with only a small additional amount of each for those who will try to complete the full set !

An animation around the bad boys

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