Les éditions du centre Pompidou & Le Buisson : extratoof pendant

matali crasset by Julien Carreyn with the extratoof pendant, photo credit: Julien Carreyn for Le Buisson

At the time of her exhibition, le blobterre de matali, the Centre Pompidou publications, together with the jeweller Le Buisson, are producing a piece of jewellery by matali crasset extracted from this installation thought out like an artificial and imaginary garden *.

The Parisian jeweller Le Buisson, who invited matali crasset into the world of jewellery by designing various collections in precious and fine stones, then appeared to be the ideal partner. The blobterre is a world with its own species which answer to the strange names of domosquelettes, intratoof, nervup, etc. This is a world closely linked to jewellery’s natural passion for plants and flowers. The idea to design a piece of jewellery came naturally from these common links.

Extratoof will be the third piece produced by the Centre Pompidou publications after those by Jean-Michel Othoniel and François Morellet.

An Extratoof, a piece of this imaginary world may then be worn as a pendant: made of silver, it is a tree structure made up of seven elements which enclose a red agate in its centre.

Is this talisman the key to the blobterre?

matali crasset


Pendant in silver 925 red agate

Silver chain link, 60 cm long.

Limited edition of 250 ex.

Le Buisson & les éditions du Centre Pompidou

The Extratoof jewellery is on sale in the Centre Pompidou shop and at Lieu commun.